Thursday, December 29, 2011

GRATITUDE - December 29, 2011


I started cooking when I was about 11 years old.  My Mom was a single parent and I embraced the cooking chores.  Admittedly, in the beginning, it was TV dinners ... ah, but in the oven, as microwaves we beyond the horizon in 1958.  Graduated to hamburgers and cakes.  I put myself through college by cooking in restaurants.  I started in the dorm cafeteria and graduated to Italian restaurants.  I was bitten by the bug.  I probably own over 50 cookbooks or more.  I always enjoyed a good meal, but an odd circumstance elevated my appreciation for the tastes of  great food.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer.  Part of the solution to take the Devil into overtime in the game of life was 35 days of radiation, 15 minutes at a time,  over a period of seven weeks, to both sides of my neck and mouth.  Because I am here telling the story three years later, it had great effects and did its job.

Gastric feeding tube
That said, the big downside was my radiation treatments, burned out my taste-buds and the scar tissue in my throat closed it up and I couldn't even sip water.  All food tasted like cardboard and all liquids, even water, tasted nasty.

Several months of taking sustenance through a gastric feeding tubewhere nothing was swallowed, was difficult for a foodie.  Ironically, I could remember the tastes mentally.  I would watch cooking shows and read cookbooks for pleasure and I 'knew" what everything tasted like.

Here I am some years later and I sincerely enjoy all the foods available to me (diet starts tomorrow).  What has not returned fully, however, is my sweet tooth appreciation.  For the first two years after treatment, I could not stand ice cream or chocolate.  Didn't like the texture or taste.  Now I can hold my own, but not an obsessive fan of chocolate like before "C".

Dessert Buffet - Alaska Cruise
I have traveled extensively and have the good fortune to dine on many exotic dishes around the world.  Definitely, one of the great pleasures and I am grateful for the return of my taste-buds.  I appreciate the sense much more that before when I took this gift seriously.


"When you are grateful it will remind you to think of and thank others.  The simple act telling someone "Thank You" can make a huge difference in someone's life.  Do you know the feeling when your efforts are ignored?  People like being appreciated for what they do and what they mean in your life." 

It takes one second and a costs you nothing - the value is enormous. When you make someone happy, you are downside.

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