Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GRATITUDE - September 18, 2012


Twenty years ago I was a single Dad, unemployed and going through bankruptcy with a business venture that did not go as planned.

At 45, I figured I had used up all my turns and I was doomed to unhappiness for the remained of my days.

The easy path was to give up, whine, drink and feel sorry for myself.  Admittedly there was some of that in the beginning.

Far from being over, my life has turned out to be better than it ever was before.  My relationship with my three small boys (now tall grown men) is stronger for the experience, I have been happily married for 17 years and now have a 14 year old daughter.  I found good work, did well, bought homes, saved money for retirement and now have every life gift a man could ask for....all starting at 45.  The first 44 years was full of false starts and life lessons I had to learn the hard way, sometimes more than once.

I have a poster on my wall with a picture of a crane swallowing a frog.  The problem for the crane is that the half-swallowed, unwilling frog has his hands around the crane's neck squeezing with all his might.  The tag line reads:  "NEVER EVER GIVE UP!"

Today's video shows a small boy reunited with his favorite stuffed toy lost three years's previously on a camping trip many states away.  The Mom didn't give up.



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