Friday, November 30, 2012

GRATITUDE - November 30, 2012


Got great news from my doctors today.  Recent tests showed a potential problem that turned out to be a benign cyst and an inflamed vein.  No surgeries and no invasive treatment recommended.

Once you have been misdiagnosed over a period of several months for a simple little ache or pain (in my case, a sore throat that wouldn't go away), only to discover that you have a Cancer, it invaribly causes a lot of future paranoia.  Every persistant discomfort feeds the Cancer elephant in the room.  You can't get a good night's sleep, your thinking is overtaken by dark demons and you are not ever satisfied with casual diagnosis or a clear exam by a general practitioner.

Recently I requested x-rays and ultasound exams from specialists for symptoms that wouldn't go away and are, unfortunately, also related to Cancer symptoms (what isn't).  I was not satisfied with the 5 minute exam, saying I was ok.  I had a dozen of those before a specialist declared I had Tonsil Cancer  We all know that catching Cancer early is key to your survival chances.

Our brain will not allow us to discard or delete a significant traumatic experience from our memories, allowing us to approach potential similar situations in our future with a clear head and no trepidation.

It iwas an odd set of circumstances and solutions recommended today.  I spend my time at the computer, playing guitar, cooking, working on the landscaping and exercising at the gym.  My medical recommendation today (from two specialists) was to not sit for more than 1/2 hour at a stretch (working at the computer like I am now), not standing with my weight mostly on my left leg (my guitar/cooking posture) and no lifting of heavy weights or landscaping rocks for a month.

I am good with the no rock lifting and reducing my free weight load, but I will have to train myself to use a different posture when playing or cooking, and we all know that when you are on the computer and are on a roll (writing calculting, gaming) it is hard to get up and walk around every 30 minutes.  The good news is that I did get the recommendation to use the hot tub at the gym daily...I think I can embrace that one more enthusiastically.

All said, I am thankful for the surreal experience today of going to the specialists for test results consult today, driving glumly to my appointment in a dark and stormy driving rainstorm, getting good news from specialists I trust and exiting the hospital two hours later to be greeted by sunny skies and an arcing rainbow over the hospital parking lot.  The voice of God is not always a voice.


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