Monday, February 13, 2012

GRATITUDE - February 13, 2012

I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY CHILDREN (part 3 of 10,000).

I occasionally wonder how my life would have turned out, had I not become a father.  Not very often, as the wonder is proceeded mostly by meeting someone that doesn't have any children, headed off to the Azores on their third cruise this year driving a new Mercedes to the airport and whose life is about as opposite from mind as it can be.

Not that I wouldn't mind the cruise or the cruiser, but I definitely wouldn't trade for anything in the world.  There is no amount of money or worldly thing that even comes close to comparing the feeling you have when you come home from a beat-me-down day and as soon as you open the door to your own little castle, you hear little footsteps pounding down the hall, yelling "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy's home."

Can't show that in a brochure or on a showroom floor.    The travel agent and the car dealer haven't quite figured out how to become a delicate and gentle tiny person that throws their arms around you and says "I love you" (and mean it with all their heart).

"The ravages of time treat all men equally.  When it is my time to lie down, my wealth will be measured in unparalleled memories, not a set of shiny car keys."  - rlw

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