Sunday, February 5, 2012

GRATITUDE - February 5, 2012


My mother in law gave me a great gift for was a large cement plaque (which is very cool in itself) with this inscribed on the face:

"You CAN have it all...
Just not all at one TIME."

It hangs above my desk in my home office as a reminder that the number one thing that keeps one from 'having it all' is our perception of what is important.  When we don't acknowledge what we do have and pine away for something on the other side of the fence, we are more often than not,  left with the half-full syndrome.

There were times along the way when I was definitely not satisfied with my lot in life and worked hard to change it...trying to be happy with my job, my relationships, my bank account, my home, my car, etc.  it seemed I could have some, but not all at the same time.

...and yet, after my bout with Tonsil Cancer in 2008, a little light flickered on, that encouraged me to re-prioritize my list.  

So what do you know, I did have it all after all and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  

Cancer, heart issues, and Glaucoma combined, couldn't topple me from the winners stand.  I am truly thankful for my lot in life.  I am a very lucky man.


"They are not poor that have little, but that desire much. The
richest man, whatever his lot, is the one who's content with his
lot."    - Dutch Proverb

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