Saturday, March 10, 2012

GRATITUDE- March 10, 2012


I have always been a high-energy active person, except for the last half of 2008, following my chemo and radiation treatments.  That experience kicked me hard and the lack of energy and difficulty getting around was an interesting experience in itself.

Fast forward to today.  Lise and I have acquired an investment property and are rehabbing this 26 year-deferred-maintenance business/rental "opportunity".  I started the day by opening the doors to the painters and knocked off 12 hours later tonight when even the floodlights didn't give off enough light to continue.   Except for a quick lunch break before the shredded redwood delivery guy dumped 10 yard in our project driveway, it was nonstop - snipping, sawing, cutting 20-plus years of "volunteers" along the fence-line that are now 20+ feet high and 6+ inches around, sometimes 6 or so in a clump.  Unwanted "tree" 1 - old tired fence - 0.  Dragged cut limbs and trunks into a pile about 4 ' tall x 10 ' long - filled and  ran at least 1000 wheelbarrow loads of redwood shreds from driveway to side and back yard (still only 1/3 done with that massive pile in the driveway...but, there is always tomorrow ( letting painter in at 8am (Sunday Break).  Pretty much 10-12 hour days, for the last eight days.

At 64, with a few "minor recorded health issues",  I held up pretty well and feel great - just like the "old Bob" from back in the day.   Much to be thankful for...and I am.

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