Friday, March 23, 2012

GRATITUDE - March 22, 2012


I am thankful for the extra time in the "overtime" portion of the game of life.  I have two friends, younger than I am, not doing so well.

One, a friend from high school, the guy that double-dated with me to the Junior Prom, apparently, is losing his battle with Leukemia.  Sad.

Another friend, a co-worker that is ten years younger that I am, just had a massive stroke and is now paralyzed on her right side and can't speak.  Not good.

August will mark 4 years with Tonsil Cancer in remission, glaucoma deterioration is stable, heart arrhythmia is under control, vision is holding at 20/1250 and the hearing aids do a decent job, when I remember to put them in (say again?).

I feel like the three-legged, blind dog that answers to the name "Lucky".  

I currently often work 12 hour days remodeling a rental, regularly work 8 hours a day, perform as an on-call taxi man for a 13 year-old, cello playing, 0n-point ballet dancing 8th grader, and am still learning to play electric bass guitar and take weekly music lessons (learned bass line to "Swamp Water/John Fogerty and partial intro lines to Sunshine of my Love/Cream tonight -  8 year old drummer in the time slot before me is learning the drum part to this Clapton classic and is getting pretty good...I am going to come early next lesson and jam with him and my teacher on electric guitar).  

I am indeed happy to be "lucky".


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