Friday, August 10, 2012

GRATITUDE - August 10, 2012


You know, we just start to sweat a bit, we walk over to the wall switch on the thermostat...a quick flick - and now we have environmental comfort.  Seems simple and mostly under appreciated.  It doesn't come at a cheap price and many don't use it, because they don't want the bill.  

It has been 100 plus for this past week and will keep it up for the immediate future...when it is 70 degrees at 6am, you know it is going to be a long, hot day.

When I was a kid...there was no AC.  Not in the house and not in the car.  I remember my parents having an after-market AC unit installed in the car in the sixties, because it didn't come with one as a standard feature.

When we were little (in Oklahoma...get very warm there in the summer), we had 'swamp' coolers, with straw filter pads and dripping water with a big noisy motor on the fan.  Loved it.  Sixty years later, it is still easier for me to fall asleep at night with a quietly-noisy fan blowing on me.  I recall sleeping on the screened in porch (mosquitoes) at my uncle's house in the summer and the damn crickets and bullfrogs and the dead-still ultra-humid night air making it almost impossible to fall asleep.

9am, hit the AC switch...going to be a long, hot day.


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