Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GRATITUDE - August 29, 2012


Ever the Johnny-On-The-Spot with timely cards for every occasion, I received my sister's B-Day card for my upcoming 65th.  WOW!  There have been many a-time in my life when I had doubts that I would make it this far, but in 24 hours and 18 minutes (God willing) - I will have arrived at the magic number.

My sister's card was spot on with the "10 good things about getting older" (some of which are definitely me).

10:  It gives you the perfect excuse to forget things.

9:    You know lots of good stories to tell (!!!)

8:     Each story can be told many times (even changing the details) whether anyone wants to hear it or not (!!).

7:     The view is better once you are over the hill (don't you know this is absolutely true!).

6:     You can amaze your friends with obscure facts preceded by "I remember when"...

5:     You can take bets on which part of your body will conk out next (at day three tomorrow with my personal trainer, I can barely walk, let alone get up and down the StairMaster at the pace he is asking - he said 45 minutes...I put back the missing decimal between the 4 and the favorite exercise machine now, is the hot tub).

4:     Your kids finally grow up and move out (unless you are still adding progeny at age 50).

3:     Nodding off at inappropriate times is considered quaint rather than rude.

2:     Creative use of a hearing aid allows you to hear only what you really want to (!!!!!).

and number 1:  You give people a chance to tell you how great you look - for an old person.  Ha.

Glad to be here.


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