Sunday, August 12, 2012

GRATITUDE - August 12, 2012


Upon retirement, many friends asked, "What will you do with your time?  Don't you think you will get bored?"

I suppose there are those that their job entirely defines them.  All cover-to-the-package and nothing inside.  There is nothing wrong with having a great job you look forward to and that you enjoy so much you just can't wait for Monday morning to arrive, so you can get back in the saddle.  The challenge is that eventually, age, forced retirement, layoff, illness, injury with stop that daily commute.

So what else is there?

Family, spouse, children, grand-children, travel, hobbies, cooking, reading, volunteering, hiking, camping, boating, writing, music, other passions?  

I recently ran into a man I served on a non-profit board with.  He had been the CEO of his company and experienced mandatory retirement.  He hated retirement.  He had spent so much time at his profession, that he had neglected to develop any other interests in his life.  I guess he worked late, came home, ate, watched TV and went to bed.  

Every day,  Who knows what he did on the weekend (maybe went into the office).  

Where is the long-term personal satisfaction? The activities that define our character on the weekend, the ones we wish we had more time to pursue, if it weren't for Monday, back at work (regardless of how happy you are at work)..complete us as a person (probably makes us more interesting too).  

Retirement is not to be feared or regretted, but embraced as the next chapter filled with time to fully pursue all the activities we have already developed...just didn't have enough time, because of that pesky daily task that consumed the lion's share of our life for 40+ years.

I am grateful for the multiple list of things I wish to do, that to accomplish, far exceed the hours remaining.  Miles to go before I sleep.

This is one.

Gotta go, more cool stuff on my other lists to do.


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