Thursday, April 12, 2012

GRATITUDE - April 12, 2012


Anyone reading any of my blogs and posts would know I have a relatively new found appreciation of music in my life.  Suffice to say, the experience of finally learning to play bass at age  62+ is a gift in my life.  I may have also mentioned in previous posts that my wife plays violin.  

She plays Mendelssohn, I play Clapton.  There has been a recent odd planet alignment that occasionally puts us in front of the same mic at the same time.  We will soon debut a public version of "House of the Rising Sun" that is outstanding.  Posting rough draft of first rehearsal.

Fast forward to last week.  Lise and I had an opportunity to have a week to ourselves sans kids, as our daughter was on a week-long school trip to Washington D.C.  We are touristing (that is a word, right?) around in Santa Fe, NM and stumble upon the main square with artists, jewelry, etc. with a street faire atmosphere looking for silver jewelry pony-tail hair ties for my new urban-hip look.

Then I heard it.  Music.  Live.  Crossed the square and there, performing live on the square was 2/3 of a local band, 'Urban Art'.  Electric bass (Endre') and violin (Michael).  I have always been a believer in omens.  This was one.  A great sound and very cool interpretations of songs from Pachabel (Canon in D) to 'The Police' (Every Breath You Take).  Mendelssohn meets Clapton.  

Bought their home produced CD, out of the basket, on the spot.  No hesitation.  Awesome.  I could have spent the rest of my vacation catching their daily gig at the park.  Another blogger [accolades to DigitalSeagull] caught them and herself playing violin with them, on tape, live, two days before I was there in the same spot, listening to the same music.  

Omen.  Urban Art/Santa Fe, NM - Pachabel - Canon in D  Live

My weekly guitar lessons tonight.  Learned  'Every Breath You Take'.  Bass and Violin...I plan to do a humble version with Bass, violin, guitar, keyboards and sax. New song to learn off the 'Urban Art' album each week, for the next 18 weeks.

Life is good.  My music soul is restored.  I am thankful for the Music Omen in Santa Fe.


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