Thursday, April 5, 2012

GRATITUDE - April 6, 2012


I love all my children more than they will ever know (Ian has probably somewhat of a handle on that, now that he has children of his own) have to have your own to know the depth.

I understand my sons.  They are men and I am a man.  Pretty easy.  What is not so easy is to understand my daughter.  Very complex and everything I thought I knew about parenting had to restructured (daily) with the addition of a girl to the three boys.

The learning curve also helps me connect with my wife and other women I know.  I used to harbor the insane thought that all children were the same mould and some grew up to be women and some men. 

I had only dealt with teenage to adult women before. It wasn't until I had a girl that I realized that the strange 'alien-ess'(???) character of women from Venus was actually evident from day one....they were made that way (I still don't grasp what that kinda know what it is, but can't quite explain it).

Unfortunately, the internet doesn't have enough space to reflect on mystery of little girls turning into women at any great enough said.  My life is richer for the experience and although often frustrated from lack of mortal comprehension, I am grateful.


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