Monday, April 30, 2012

GRATITUDE - April 30, 2012


Patient...working with a 64 year old deaf guy that can't (and probably won't) read music who wants to just learn to play electric bass along with his favorite rock songs.

My original goal was to learn how to play 10 songs.

I now have 14 I can play from memory and another 18 that need from a little to a lot of practice to be able to play without my notes and another 16 that I have started, but got distracted after the first lesson... aiming now for 50 songs from memory...and then go on tour...well , maybe not that far...

Norman can play every song there is and only needs to listen to a suggested song to learn a couple of times and can then write out the bass part in tabs for me to practice.  Amazing.

I am thankful I got him for my know, it is never too late to be a Rock Star.

Rock Star Bob -  Another Day in Paradise Band covers Smoke on the Water.


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