Friday, June 1, 2012

GRATITUDE - June 1, 2012


A few short years ago, I was treated with seven weeks of radiation to the head and neck area to deal with a diagnosis of tonsil cancer.  It did its job, thank God, but also took out my taste buds and saliva glands.  It took a couple of years for both of those oral sensations to return in a sense of normalcy...but chocolate tasted like moldy cardboard with the same kind of texture ( I imagine this only) long after the rest of the "normal" returned.

It has only been about less than a year that the "sweet" and "chocolate" buds have returned.  It is still not like back in the day (prior to 2008) when I could consume a full box of See's Candy (dark chocolate and nuts), but getting closer.

Enjoying chocolate is a minor little thing the world passes over daily, but is like the old adage "You don't know know the worth of the water, 'til the well goes dry".

Little pleasure - large step in recovery to  the "new normal".


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