Sunday, June 17, 2012

GRATITUDE - June 17, 2012


I have had the ultimate good fortune to have four children.  Three great sons and three wonderful grandsons.  Boys are easy.  I'm one.  I know how they work. 

My 13-going-on-21 daughter is a conundrum.  A teen girl must be the most complex puzzle I have been confronted with yet.

I am down with my sons.... they all checked in with me with Father's Day wishes and Nick is coming for BBQ dinner tonight.  "Hey old Man - What's up" and we are good.  They all have their own lives now and are scattered to the winds.

My still-at-home teen daughter has not spoken but a few words to me all week, those dripping in sarcasm with the obvious frustration of having to deal with a way-out-of-touch, senile, old-balding-deaf-man is mostly too much for her to take.  Barely tolerable at home - sheer torture in public.

Today, my wife and daughter went into Old Sacramento for lunch at a nice restaurant and I am that part was bearable (plus some slight coercion from her Mom was in there also, I'm sure)... I got a beautiful card from her with the reminder that it is the kind of card that folds into a pyramid, so you can stand it up on your desk for the world to see.

But, the gift was on the walk back to the car.  100+ degrees, a bit of an incline, so I am puffing like the little-engine-that-could. She came up from behind me and held my hand. In public.  No words.  Didn't have to.  Yet another perfect day to be grateful for.

Happy Father's Day to All.


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