Saturday, June 23, 2012

GRATITUDE - June 23, 2012


One of those hectic days, overly full with the daily tasks we can't even remember the next day.  Go to work (ha ha ha), leave early, go to the pharmacy to pick up new meds to counteract the other meds that are making your heart beat too slow (41) that you got from the doctor because your heart was beating too fast (125), but after waiting in line forever, you find out that they don't keep that pill in stock at that pharmacy, but the other Kaiser Hospital (just 8 miles away) does, and so you drive to the other location where you get to stand in line some more to find that they have't quite attended to your order yet, so you get to wait some more and then get back in line, after your name pops up on the little L.E.D. message board to get the little thyroid pills - because all the heart pills are adversely affecting your thyroid you can now dash home quickly to change... to go to your daughter's dance recital that culminates two weeks of intensive dance camp at the Sacramento Ballet, so you can dash home to make and eat a quick dinner because your dancing daughter also has final rehearsal with the Sacramento Youth Symphony (cello) for their road trip to play at Disneyland all week next I can dash out to Lowe's before they close, to order a new dishwasher for one of the rentals and pick up a new faucet bib for our house, so I can fix up an automatic sprinkler system for our garden this weekend, so the newly purchased tomato plants don't die while on vacation next week (Bryce/Zion National Parks)...where the temperature here in Sacramento is supposed to be in the 100's all week, so I can hopefully find my plants alive upon our coming out of Lowe's at dusk last night....across the parking lot, beyond the McDonald's drive-through, across the busy freeway and beyond the empty field under construction...I see this beautiful sunset, impossible to fully appreciate once up and merging onto the freeway, I pulled over to the side of road and made the time to enjoy God's daily miracle on earth's canvas.

I think I am starting to get it.

rlw (5 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes to retirement)

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