Friday, October 12, 2012

GRATITUDE - October 12, 2012


Twenty seven years ago today, we welcomed Nick into our lives. He was the 'perfect' baby parents dream about.  Slept through the night right away, no fussing, allergies, or illness.  Just a happy, cheerful little soul.

Every parent has multiple parts of their character that make up who they are.  When they have children, a portion of some of those characteristics ironically show up in their children.  I am fortunate to have four children, each with a diverse part of me.  For the record, I am only speaking about the positive parts...anything negative I would have to surmise they got on their own...ha.

Nick is handsome, athletic, friendly, and like his Dad, an incurable romantic.  He wears his heart on his sleeve.  This morning he called me at 6am.  As he lives about 10 miles away and is prone to not being conscious til late morning (works the late shift at his job), I had to ask, "Where are you?"


A young woman is currently holding that heart.  He took a few days off from work and flew out to see her.  He mentioned she is taking him to meet her parents.  I asked if he was nervous.  He answered, "No, parents always love me."

Tis true.  The relationships have not always worked out in the past, but the parents always loved him.

Good guy.  I hope this one works.


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