Sunday, October 14, 2012

GRATITUDE - October 14, 2012


When I was a kid, we visited my Uncle Johnny in the Ozark Mountains in eastern Arkansas.  No plumbing.  Outhouse with spiders, splinters and stink (oh my).  Pump handle for water in the kitchen.

When I stayed with a family in Negril, Jamaica in the mid - 70's, the toilet was also outside, but 40 feet away in the jungle with three walls (yes, 3 not 4) and no roof and a 50 gallon drum of water and a half coconut shell to add water to flush the toilet.

When I traveled in France in the late 70's, it was not unusual to find a hole in the floor and no toilet and two bricks to stand on, so when you pulled the flush handle, your shoes wouldn't get wet.

The United Nations Human Development Report (2006) estimated that 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation. In other words, forty (40) percent of the people on this planet have no indoor plumbing.
When I traveled to Mexico in the early 70's, the main marketplace in Mazatlan (Grande Mercado) had one set of toilets on the second level but you had to buy paper from the attendant upon entering (what a monopoly) and all he had left was slick magazine pages ripped into squares.

In the 90's I visited a very nice private cabin on Lake Tahoe, where we had to burn the used toilet paper in a can.

One can take the simplest conveniences for granted, until you don't have it anymore.

Checkout these bathrooms to pine after:


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