Thursday, May 10, 2012

GRATITUDE - May 10, 2012


I gave my decision to retire today to my work.  I offered, in way of a notice, to stay on at a reduced schedule (3 days T-Th) for a maximum of about 90 days - until the end of August, to help train new staff.  I am the veteran of 10 years and everybody else in my department (including my boss) has less than 2 months tenure.  We agreed that if the arrangement did not meet our mutual expectations between now and then, I would need ten minutes to find Elvis and exit the bldg.

I cleaned out my work area today and carried all my personal stuff away...10 years you build up a lot of c@#& at the bottom of all your desk drawers....from meaningless files (why the Hell did I save that?) from 5 years ago, tea bags, Tylenol, $1.19 in pennies-nickels-dimes, a soda that expired in 2009, 2 pudding cups...that must have expired in the late 1800's, 4 pounds of push pins, 3 thank-you cards that never got mailed and a $5 Starbuck's gift card.

I am thankfully able to retire with a nice nest egg in my 401K because of the program and opportunity offered by my work and the many years of matched contribution.  Many years, I put in the maximum allowed for my age bracket and the market has been kind of late.

Big jump today for me to finally say the R word.


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