Thursday, May 24, 2012

GRATITUDE - May 24, 2012


My cardiologist thinks I may have a clogged artery and I get go in for a procedure to look at my heart with a tube they insert from my groin.  Instead of your head up your butt, it will be more like up your butt to your heart.   

I guess the ideal outcome would be to find minor blockage, whereupon, I will be transported by ambulance (because I would still be hooked up to all the tubes) to another hospital that specializes in the next step to install a stent (wire covered balloon) to create more blood flow.  

Finding a lot of blockage means more major surgery, which wouldn't be my first (or second) wish.

I do get to carry nitroglycerin pills on me at all times now.

I guessed correctly that I should do all my adventuring on the front end of my life...just in case....and there I was thinking I had no more adventures left to experience.

However, it is not a bad deal to have my exertion from here on to be sipping Merlot, lost in reflection.  A ton of cool memories to reflect on.


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