Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GRATITUDE - May 29, 2012


Bad news.
Good News.
No news.

Bad news:  Had to be at the hospital from 8a to 2p with a two & half  hour 'procedure' with a dye injected into my heart and a scan to find the blocked arteries.

Good News:  Couldn't find one.  Heart looks good.  No blocked arteries.

No news.  Still haven't found the source of the symptoms.  Dizziness.  Headaches. Can't get a full breath.  Rapid heartbeat - they noted today that my heart rate was all over the place from 80 bpm to 120 bpm...they called it "flopping" - just before they injected the magic dust into my IV hook-up.  

"Mr. Welton - We see you are still awake.  Do you wish to stay awake for this procedure"?

 Bob:  "Not really".

Fade to black.

Bob asks "When do we start?"

Man in Lab coat (people in lab coats never lie):  "We are done.  We started two hours ago. Go home and rest for a couple of days.  Don't get the incision wet.  Try not to walk up and down your stairs.  Avoid any excessive use of energy.  Don't be late for your appointment.  Good luck".

Have scheduled a follow-up with my cardiologist for next Tuesday to see what comes next.  Can't carry the little Nitro Tabs anymore...they are only good for you if you have heart disease...otherwise they just lower your blood pressure to an "unacceptable level".

No surgery today.  No hospital 'sleepover'. No answers but one:  No blocked arteries.

I am thankful for another night in Paradise.


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