Monday, December 24, 2012

GRATITUDE - December 24, 2012


A bit rainy, somewhat cold, grey and drizzily day outside, but warm and full of Christmas cheer inside.  The day cleared a bit in the afternoon and Lise and I took our nature path hike out and back to the house.  Finished wrapping presents for the grandkids that will be coming by for a visit tomorrow morning.  Hot mulled cider on the stove.  Fireplace on.  Christmas Carols on the CD player.  Very nice.

Sarah finished her participation in the Sacramento Ballet Company's production of The Nutcracker, yesterday.  She finished up with a matinee and an evening performance both Saturday and Sunday.  This year she had the role of one of the Candy Cane attendants and did a wonderful job.  We went out for a celebratory dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town.  Everybody was dressed up (after retiring, I pretty much live in  jeans and sweatshirts.  I don't have many occasions to wear my  former business life suits and ties) and it was far too much fun.

When these special moment occur, I can't help thinking back to 2008 and my Cancer diagnosis.  Although the treatment regimen was one of the toughest times I have experienced, the success has provided me the opportunity to be here tonight and see my grandsons tomorrow morning.  A Christmas without excited, bright-eyed kids could not possibly be the same

I am thankfiul.


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