Saturday, December 8, 2012

GRATITUDE - December 8, 2012


I am in love with technology.  I hate technology.  Yes, it is true.  A love-hate relationship.  When tech things go well, it is fantastic and I love it.  When they go badly or I can't figure out how to make them go at all, good or bad, I am extremely peeved off (family blog).

I managed to fill my relatively new 'C' drive up yesterday...mostly music videos pending upload to YouTube and lots of photos. A note flashed across my screen that my 'C' drive had a teaspoon's amount of space left available and I had to delete some things off, to continue.  I dutifully cleared many old videos and pictures off - sent them to the trash bin and still no space was available.  Thinking that I probably had to reboot to put the changes into effect, I did so and 'poof''...the computer never came back on again.

I had to dig deeply into my Zen reserve to survive the moment...and then immediately text my son, Dustin, regarding my tech emergency.  I am grateful for the technology of texting from my smart phone (although it won't allow me to download Angry Birds: Star Wars,even though I bought an internal memory card) as I, of course, certainly couldn't email him from my dead computer could I?

I am sure he had an intense internal debate holding back his chuckles about the 'old man' and his hapless journey into the unknown wasteland of technology...I am now on a mission to head to FRY'S tonight to get a 1 terabyte internal hard drive and await his arrival tomorrow to save my sanity.  Like addiction to air and water and shelter, I was a zombie today with no access to my computer. 

Tomorrow I will be whole again,and I am thankful.


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