Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GRATITUDE - December 4, 2012


5:55 am  - up and making coffee, packing lunches and making breakfast for Lise and Sarah.

6:45 am - take a quick nap and relax over coffee enjoying the changing leaf colors in our back yard

7:45 am - take Sarah to high school

8:30 am - meet personal trainer at the gym for one-hour power workout

 9:30 am - alternate steam room and hot tub for one hour

11:00 am - Drive to Crocker Art Museum and find perfect spot to park right in front of museum.

11:05 am - visit Crocker Art Museum Store and pick up free copy of my choice of art books for being a member ($45 value).

11:10 am - spend two hours on just the second floor galleries with no push to 'hurry up or we'll be late' anxiety

1:00 pm - Have late lunch at the Crocker Cafe - Soup/Foccacia bread with Fig Balsamic-Olive oil and a glass of Merlot

2:15 pm - arrive back home, plug in bass and work on Friday's studio recording of 'White Rabbit' and 'Don't Say You Love Me'

3:45 pm - leave to pick Sarah up from high school

4:25 pm - arrive back at home - make pasta and Parmesan Chicken for Sarah for quick dinner

5:00 pm - Take Sarah to ballet practice at Sacramento Ballet studios downtown Sacramento

6:00 pm - Stop at the grocery store on the way home for ingredients for Toll House chocolate-chip cookies.

6:45 pm - Fix and enjoy dinner with Lise and the cat

7:30 pm - Back to the Ballet studio to pick up Sarah

8:30 pm - More bass practice on 'Unchained Melody' and 'Message in a Bottle' for Friday recording.

9:30 pm - Do blog

10:00 pm - Watch 'Bones and' 'The Mentalist'

11:45 pm - Hot shower and off to bed waiting for another perfect day tomorrow.


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