Sunday, December 9, 2012

GRATITUDE - December 9, 2012


Arthur Ashe was once asked if he ever felt like saying "Why Me?" when he learned he had contracted the deadly Aids Virus through a blood transfusion in 1983.  His answer:
"If I were to say, "God, why me?" about the bad things, then I should have said, "God, why me?" about the good things that happened in my life."  -  Arthur Ashe
These past few years have been so personally educational for me, enduring unforseen health issues and not only surviving, but really learning to appreciate what I have, not bemoan my fate over what I don't have.  I have grown rich.
"Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want."    - Geoffrey F. Abert
I have learned to recognize love, not taking it for granted while attempting to grasp the value of being loved, as it can't be bought, built, controlled, found, or created.  Even if you feel you are worth being loved, one has to be lucky enough to meet that person, who, of their own free will, loves you. 

You can't own it, possess it or guarantee you will always have it.  Your control exists only in that you can try, every day to deserve it, to be worthy of it and pray that is enough. 
 It is not how much money you have, your job title, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or the size of your house.  Thank God, as we have little control over those things, but they are easier to develop and have, than the things we do have absolute control over, but are very hard to develop to their greatest, honesty, love, fairness, empathy, sympathy, courtesy, thankfulness and of course, expressed gratitude. 

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