Friday, September 14, 2012

GRATITUDE - September 14, 2012


There were an infinite number of years where I was obsessed with the work world, often putting in 10-15 hour days, sometimes six or seven days a week.

I think one of the most feared components of retiring is what will you do when there is nothing to do.  I have overcome that part, as there is only about a couple of hours in each day that is not filled with opportunities for one great project or at the gym, ferry my teen daughter to and fro, playing bass...all cool stuff and if I  CHOOSE, I can always add another small project in the mix.

The second challenge is learning how to relax and do NOTHING AT ALL (and not feel guilty).  A type A, driven business guy for many, many years...I am embracing the joy of doing nothing except cater to my own whims (should I rent a movie and open a cold beer on a Wednesday at 1 pm...should I take myself to lunch and go to the movies where the sound is really loud and the screen extra large on a Monday at 11 am  enjoying the matinee AND the senior discount, should I go to the museum on a Tuesday at 10 am when no one else is there, should I turn on all the fountains in the backyard-pour a glass of wine and sit in the shade of the blooming crepe myrtle and watch the hummingbirds, should I plug in-crank up the amp and play rock-n-roll as loud as the windows can stand) oh do I decide?

However, one must be careful with this 'act of doing nothing' as, with all things addictive, moderation is advised. It could become a habit.   My advantage in this endeavor is that I am not plagued with the guilt of unaccomplished dreams and the compulsion to get up and 'go somewhere and do something with my life.'  I did.

My trainer at the gym advises that after a strenuous cycle of exercises, always rest, as that is the period when the muscles grow stronger, not while you are pushing it.  I did the fifty years of strenuous exercises, now I am resting and I feel myself growing stronger every day.


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