Saturday, July 14, 2012

GRATITUDE - July 14, 2012


Whereas, there will hopefully be many more gifts to come, my first gift popped up yesterday.  I have only been retired for two weeks (actually 4 days counting from first day back from week-long road-trip that had been a scheduled vacation for a year) and yesterday I had no idea what day of the week it was...if I didn't do this blog every day, I wouldn't know even what the date is...I am thinking we are probably still in 2012.

No more "hump-day".

No more "TGIF".

No more "Damn, have to go back to work tomorrow".

It is that feeling you have on the first day of a long vacation......except it is every day.

Way back in the day [35 years ago], I sold a business I had and took a year off to travel Europe.  It is like that, except better, as I knew then, there would eventually be an end to the travel, as well as to the money and I did not delude myself into thinking it was 'forever'.  

Not so, now.  Don't have to work, can if I want to, but why??????????

Dropped Sarah off at friend's house for a swim party today...the Dad is new Guitar player looking for Bassist to jamb with -Q: "What days are you available to practice"?  A: "Any".  .. sending my 'play list' via email tonight...could be a new beginning....could this be gift number 2?


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