Friday, July 27, 2012

GRATITUDE - July 27, 2019


 Each day brings a certain level of just be here, with family, friends, a nice home and simple pleasures.  Sometimes it is a crazy little thing, normally overlooked.

A very unusual event occurred last evening. For some odd reason, my wife and daughter and I stayed up watching episodes of 'Bones' and 'The Mentalist' until 3 am.  This never happens ... occasionally, because of my new found fondness for naps, I will stay up late, but for them...never.   And then afterwards, we all went downstairs and had pie.  Crazy.  My evil influence has rubbed off.

Every once and a while, it is good to shake up the mold.  Tired today, but it was fun.  Thankful I got to see it.

It doesn't take much to experience the pleasure of gratefulness and be thankful..We are surrounded by the opportunity every day.  Do we even know what it means?

Definition of GRATEFUL

a : appreciative of benefits receivedb : expressing gratitude <grateful thanks>
a : affording pleasure or contentment : pleasingb : pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfortalleviated
— grate·ful·ly  adverb
— grate·ful·ness noun
  1. The college sent us a grateful acknowledgment of our donation.
  2. I'm grateful to you for your help.
  3. He's grateful for the attention.
  4. The voice quacking at the other end of the line sounded surprised and grateful—a young man's eager voice, thankful for the sudden interruption on an otherwise empty afternoon. —Paul Theroux, Granta, Summer 1992

Origin of GRATEFUL

obsolete grate pleasing, thankful, from Latin gratus — more at grace
First Known Use: 1552

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