Thursday, July 26, 2012

GRATITUDE - July 26, 2012


 In today's world, with all the possibilities for distraction and mindless uses of one's valuable time, I am thankful my teenage daughter carves out time (with sure handed guidance from my wife) to be involved in ballet and play the cello.

Yes, she does seem to live for texting and Facebook, but she is, after all, 14 and she must keep in touch with her peers, even more so than her parents.

That said, I love her abilities in the world of music and dance and am grateful she continues to pursue these activities.  I am confident it will become an important part of her life in the future, however she chooses to use it.

Recently, she recorded a piece playing cello at my music teacher's studio and then used the CD as background music for an original dance choreography.  She had to perform for a panel of judges to decide if she had the talent to continue on at the high school level of her performing arts charter school.

YES.  She does and will start 9th grade there next month.

Proud Dad/rlw

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