Monday, July 16, 2012

GRATITUDE - July 16, 2012


We all have them.  Little "Ooh, you shouldn't do that" things in our lives.  At 64, they are all socially acceptable (chocolate ice-cream at midnight or the rest of the bag of snickers bars after popping in the new DVD and didn't start until 11pm...etc.).  Every generation and every age group is guilty.  

As I finished off the bag of chocolate-covered prune bites (see - even seniors have found a way to be decadent)  I thought about how if I kept that behavior up (- ice cream, etc. at midnight) how much weight I would gain, cholesterol, heart issues, blah, blah, blah.  Of course I am much more in control now than earlier times in my life, where repetitive decadence may have occasionally turned into a (temporary) bad habit or two.

And also because (thankfully) I have the good fortune to be married to my good-angel conscience.  The bad, red-devil-conscience on my left shoulder (although still live and kicking), in most always out-litigated by the white-angel good conscience sitting my my right.  It is helpful that I have enough bruises and scars (mental and physical) from the past 60 years to help me remember which one I should listen to.

My wife has a fasting blood test tomorrow with a 12 hour fasting, no decadence tonight. Although I am not the one having the blood test, gorging on chocolate in front of my drooling envious partner would not be a well-thought-out, no-this-is-not-a-bad habit, decision.

Repetition is the key for good and bad habits.  Exercising, gratitude, being thankful, acknowledging those that are important to you, good eating...all good habits.  I won't list the bad habits...we all know what they are and everybody's list is a bit different.

My cousin is a published author with a few books under his belt.  His number one advice to budding writers:  "Write something every day".

Like sit-ups, pretty soon you are in better shape for having done it...but that is fodder for yet another blog for another day.



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