Sunday, January 1, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 1, 2012


It sounds odd at first, but as I write today's post, I am thinking (stop right there...that is the thought - I am thinking and I am grateful for the ability to do so)

I have much to say and relay to those who are important to me.  Someday, way into the future, I won't be here to do that.  I am here now and I have the ability to do so now.  This blog is about gratitude as my previous one was about the value of TIME, as well as the one about the stories of my life I REMEMBER, and is the one about being alive to participate in life, ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE .

The ravages of Alzheimer's and brain trauma can cruelly leave the body alive and the mind in another dimension.  The gift of cognitive, lucid thought is underestimated and not always granted to all for the entire length of one's life.  

I embraced an on-line Tonsil Cancer survivors forum the day I was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer in 2008 and received wonderful advice and quality mentoring from those that went before me on that dark path.  That was over three years ago.  I am still active on that on-line forum and participate in mentoring the regular onslaught of frightened, confused, newly diagnosed members.  That is my gift back to those that payed it forward to me.  I feel each person successfully reaching the shore across the River Styx from months of Cancer treatment has an obligation to stand on the opposite shore and hold the lantern high for those following behind.

I am grateful for the ability  to do so with my lantern.


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