Saturday, January 21, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 21, 2012


I had not thought of this one until today.  Our espresso maker (an extremely vital part of our daily lives) decided to go  live in  small counter-top appliance heaven.  Laundry, lunch, etc. went way down on the day's  'To Do' list and off to Target we went to replace this necessary kitchen tool.

We have had them for many years and know how they work and sometimes how they don't work (had two blow up - spewing hot water and coffee grounds in a 4' there is a clean-up task you can get enthusiastic  about at 5:30 am, when all you really want is a good cup of wake-all-the-way-up coffee).

New cappuccino maker worked well.  Sat down in my favorite wicker chair with my mom's wool blanket in it, cat curled up in my lap - everybody else asleep. Hate to wake a sleeping cat, so I thought I would glance through the new coffee-maker instruction manual.  I was curious, as it was about 12 pages long - really, how many pages do you need to show: pour in coffee, load coffee grounds, turn on, watch espresso come out - and drink?  Aaahhhh - it was the multiple language version - 2 pages each.

However, this caught my eye:  #8 on the 'READ THESE FIRST BEFORE OPERATING ESPRESSO MAKER' page:

"WARNING: Not intended for use by children or persons with limited physical or mental capabilities."

Got me to wondering, could that be the reason I had two exploding coffee makers?  naaah


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