Friday, January 6, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 5, 2012


Big discussion today on talk radio about the government wading into the fray about saving us from eating bad things - junk food, etc.  The humor was that they should start putting pictures of fat kids on Cheetos bags and of a passed-out alcoholic on beer cans with warning labels (warning: this will happen to you if you consume this product)... like the warning label on cigarettes.

For anyone my age, you will recall that we stuffed ourselves with candy bars, chocolate, ho-hos, doughnuts and sodas at every available opportunity...that said, we also didn't sit at a computer or t.v. or game console all day.  We were out of the house at our earliest opportunity and didn't come back home until the street lights came on...

We played hard, all the time and burned up those calories...I am not defending wasted calories and fat-laden junk food, but isn't this is an issue of a sedentary lifestyle first and food intake second?

I am grateful for a childhood filled with Ollie Ollie Oxen Free (what he hell does that mean?), Marbles, Jacks & Hopscotch (girls), Baseball, Football, Hide & Seek, a mom that shooed us all out of the house and told us to go outside and play, with a coke and a real butter, honey and fat-laden peanut butter white-bread sandwich and a couple of Oreo cookies (the wonderful white stuff was lard and sugar) and told not to come back until dinner, whereupon, we would eat fried chicken with the crispy skins being the best part, mashed potatoes made with real butter, white bread and more butter, whole milk, and two slices of pecan pie (probably 2 sticks of butter just in the crust).   I can't count calories as fast as I can type, but I got lost at as we went over 3000 calories and several hundred grams of fat. 

 Note: the next morning we would have our loving, concerned Moms MAKE us eat greasy bacon and cholesterol-laden eggs, more white bread toast slathered in butter, whole milk (not 2%,1% or fat free or soy), a side of buttermilk pancakes dripping in real butter and real syrup.  A treat for snacks was often a white-bread sandwich made with real butter and white sugar...don't get me started on the heavily trans-fat-laden lard used in EVERY dish (here are the first  four words in Wikipedia for the definition of lard - "Lard is pig fat...").

I am thankful for all those memories and the neighborhood I grew up in that didn't have Amber alert billboards, kids pictures on milk cartons (milk was delivered to your door in glass bottles), or a GPS device in my shoes (probably didn't wear any in the summers anyway), so my parents could track me.

"The Legend of Zelda" and "Final Fantasy"  has nothing on skinned knees, bubble gum and learning to ride your bike, with no hands / playing cards in the spokes, in front of the new girl on the block...

...just sayin' and thankful I still can remember and relive those days...


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