Sunday, January 8, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 8, 2012


In a very special personal way, the gift of music has awarded me something I don't think I would have ever experienced any other way.  After confronted with the big 'C' and deciding to finally learn how to play the bass guitar...many things have changed.  Personal self-confidence is one.  The joy of learning something new and being grateful for the ability to retain what I have learned (up to 20 songs now) certainly has reinforced that I am keeping Alzheimer's demons at bay, for now.

However the best is finally being included in a very select club with my daughter and my wife.  Superb musicians both, I was always on the outside looking in.  Whereas, it is highly likely I won't get into the classical music inner circle, I have successfully crossed over the marker to  does from does not, in making music.  

My lovely bride has more than met me half-way on this new experience by voluntarily crossing over to the "dark-side" of our bookends of Mozart and Eric Clapton to join me in my new found rock-n- roll heaven.  

Below, is a YouTube link to our first practice session for our band, 'Another Day in Paradise' next performance of House of the Rising Sun/Instrumental with Lise on violin.  Not perfect yet, but damn close for a first rehearsal.  

Wow, so much to be thankful for.

"Never forget yesterday, but always live for today.  You just don't know what tomorrow will bring...or what it can take away."

VIDEO:  Another Day in Paradise Band adds strings

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