Monday, January 23, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 23, 2012


I hate going to the dentist.  I don't hate the dentist, just the whole needle in the gums thing.  Part of the discomfort is baggage from my youth, when our family dentist killed his family and burned the house down.  I was also friends with the son.  I was seven.

Although modern dental technique is far better than the parent holding you down, telling you it will be over soon, I still get apprehensive when I know I have a bad tooth.  When I was about to start the 7 weeks of radiation, I had to get all my dental work for the next year caught up, because they couldn't work on my mouth until I had completely recovered from the chemo and radiation (almost a year).  Had a root canal , two crowns and misc. cavities fixed..took a while to get it all done...and then I got to start my chemo/rads.

That said, the largest tooth I have on my lower jaw on both sides (had all my molars pulled already) has been hurting  a bit and was sensitive to cold air and water...One can only eat like a rabbit with the front four teeth for so my lovely bride made me take the appt and I went in this morning.

The segue to gratitude is thus:

I had the obligatory x-rays (which I have been avoiding, as I have already been exposed to more radiation through treatment and ensuing CT/PET Scans than the survivors of Hiroshima).  

The dentist came in and asked why I was there.  I told him about the teeth, the discomfort, the sensitivity to cold, waiting for words like extraction, root canal, fillings, etc. to burst from his mouth.  Instead I heard "Mr. Welton your teeth look fine, I can't find anything wrong that requires attention.  You might want to consider having your crown replaced in 2013 or 2014. Your gums a a bit inflamed in a few spots, however.  I recommend you rinse your  mouth out with salt water regularly.  See you in a couple of months."

I am thankful I lived long enough to have the PERFECT dental visit after requesting one for existing problems.  If my saliva glands were working, I would have whistled.


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