Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 3, 2012


I have had my share of speed bumps on my life path and if I write them down, I have to admit it has been pretty daunting of late.  That said, I don't need to look very  far to see that I wouldn't trade my life and its hiccups with anyone else.  Great memories, great friends, great experiences and great stories.  It is all an interesting package that cannot be separated.  If I started to feel that life wasn't treating me fairly and I had bad luck in certain situations, would I conversely, not be worthy of all the good luck that happened to me?

My best friend and the one that fills my life with more than good luck was the upstairs tenant in a 4-plex in Midtown Sacramento, when I moved into the last open downstairs unit.  Thousands of places to move into and oddly, my ex-mother-in-law (property manager) helped me get this particular spot - cleaning cobwebs to cut down on the rent.  

I was a bankrupt and unemployed 48 year old balding guy from Oklahoma.  My dad sang in country western bars, lived the lyrics the hard way and rode in rodeos.  Her dad graduated with a PHD from Yale and was a composer/symphony conductor.  I was a single Dad with three small boys.  She was ten years younger than me and had just graduated from law school and played violin  in the local community orchestra.  

On paper, this was not a match.

Not in a million years would our paths ever cross under any other circumstance and if so, certainly not long enough for her to figure out the adventuresome, funny, good husband/Dad that dwelled within the odd package I was on the outside.  That was sixteen years ago

I also, had the good fortune and great privilege to be the father of four great human beings to move a small portion of my legacy forward, as they will certainly will with theirs.

Would I be willing to exchange that kind of 'good luck' to eliminate any of the 'bad luck' on my personal resume?  Not a chance.  I will, thankfully, keep the package I have.


"It is not the place, nor the condition, but the mind alone that

can make anyone happy or miserable.  Roger L'Estrange

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