Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GRATITUDE - January 4, 2012


Deciding to take up music at age 62 is a challenge in itself.  I no longer have the sponge brain to soak up new concepts that we all had when we were children.  I am thankful to find a rock-n-roll guitar teacher that allowed me the privilege of learning my own stubborn way.  I was hesitant to start, as my time capsules are a bit more fleeting than a child learning to play music.  I am in the instant gratification category and I wanted to play rock songs right away.  I could not envision myself learning the nuances of sharps and flats and working my way up to learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  I can't read music, but I got fast tracked to learn over 20 of my favorite rock songs and achieved my dream of playing in a band.  The first band was put together by my teacher.  The second band included the first band members, as well as my wife and daughter on keyboards and vocals.  I am building a third band now and have dipped outside the school students and have the first rehearsal tomorrow with a new guitarist and singer/keyboards guy.  Our goal is to get 4 or 5 songs down and play at an open mic night net month.  On the short list is Maria-Maria/Santana, The Thrill is Gone/B.B. King, Unchained Melody/Righteous Bros.,Hey Hey/Clapton and Stand By Me/Ben. E. King.  

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to do this.


You have the choice to decide if you want to be happy right now.
The weather won't do it. Your Boss won't make you happy. Your
paycheck won't do it either. Your spouse, significant other,
boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, brother, sister, or even
your dry-cleaner... None of these people can make you happy

Only YOU can decide to be happy! Paul B. Taubman

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