Thursday, November 22, 2012

GRATITUDE - November 22, 2012


Due to love, faith, luck and modern medicine I had the great privilege today, of having a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, with people I love and that love me, in the relatively strife and stress-free Northern California area of the United States of America, in a beautiful home, that is not under-water, cooking a fantastic meal in my wonderfully appointed kitchen, with every tool, knife, pot and pan a chef could dream of (thinking of my mother-n-law-Martha), dining on family heirloom Limoge China and drinking wine from Waterford Crystal (thinking of my mom-Grace) thinking about how four long years ago I was thankfully enjoying my first solid food in five months after my life-saving chemo/radiation/feeding tube ordeal/experience with Tonsil Cancer and my unwanted, inherited position as the current reigning Grand Patriarch of the Welton clan, thankfully cheered on by my sister who only gets the  Grand Matriarch spot by spreading my ashes at sea, tipping champagne glasses with my lovely bride of 17.5 years, without whom, I would surely be living in a cardbox box down by the river, next to a lovely young teen daughter that keeps me young and in fighting shape, as she approaches the 15-18 years of young womanhood, where I meet courting young men at the door with a photo of my three sons - her brothers - all nice- pushing 6'- guys but, not to boys that hurt my daughter's feelings and feeling fortunate to watch the circle of life envelop my sister and I, with children (my three handsome sons and her three beautiful daughters) and now our children's children (three for me and three for her - she was always soooooooooooo competitive - has to get twins from one of my beautiful nieces next week - just to catch up to be even at three each) and actually living long enough to catch the golden ring of retirement after 50 years on the go-to-work-every-day merry-go-round of life, traveling to witness, first-hand, the true wonders of the world and learning how to play bass guitar and become a music legend in my own mind, be around to take my daughter to school every day and pick her up every evening - where I bond and she texts- and establish good, man-to-man, adult relationships with my grown - building their own nests - sons, seeing the three youngest grandsons Weltons celebrating life and to have the opportunity to establish (I didn't use the word - enhance) my own legacy through the miracle of my YouTube videos and the www. with this daily blog, where I remind myself EVERY DAY to not take anything or anyone in my life for all are gifts (even the Cancer thing) and should be treated with gratitude as such, stretching me intellectually, often, to find the positive, half-full, impact on my life - sometimes easy - sometimes not - but an opportunity, none-the-less, to appreciate, just how fortunate a man I am. 

"To receive the riches and full blessing of life's gifts, one must first, give thanks, often and from the heart."  rlw

"The best kind of giving is thanksgiving." -  Chesterton

The more we give - the more we receive.  I am the richest man I have ever met and I am truely grateful.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


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