Saturday, November 24, 2012

GRATITUDE - November 24, 2012


37 days left in 2012 - unless you subscribe to Mayan End of Days theory - then it is just 21.  Better start working on that list of thinks you wanted to get done this year or in a more pessimistic view - get done in your life time.

My list is complete, so, I look forward to the simple things, like more beautiful chilly Fall days, leaves turning color, a bit of nip in the air and wood burning fireplaces adding ambiance to the wafting breezes.

 Got to do just that with my lovely bride yesterday.  Our daughter is off on a jaunt to S.F. with a friend and so we had the chance to review the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Crocker Museum.

Overwhelmingly fantastic and nose-almost-to canvas closer than the covers of old Saturday Evening posts.  Over 300 framed original Saturday Evening Posts from every issue that Rockwell was featured on the cover over many years. Very cool.  Very thankful we got that opportunity.

early moon over
Fall leaves
on tonigh'ts walk
A nice rest spot on the third floor of the museum features a half-octagon room with an outside wall of glass looking out over the courtyard and past trees in Fall colors down to the river and the gold Tower Bridge.

Nice antique rockers with leather seats set up in front of the window for a respite from 'museum feetinitis'.  Pretty nice art display initself, on load from God.

Sometimes it is the little things...


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